Coffee Lovers

My friend Matt invited me to have lunch with him and a friend of his. Said we had a lot in common and had shared some stories about me to him and wanted to put faces to names. I thought sure, that'd be great! Someone else who's into sustainability, air quality and coding! Little did … Continue reading Coffee Lovers


Long Overdue Post

It's been so long since my last post here that I needed to go back and see where I left off, just to know where to begin my severely truncated update on my life in China thus far, and beyond, because actually, I'm not even in China right now, but back in Japan! It is … Continue reading Long Overdue Post

A New Adventure!

Well, after a long seven years of rigorous academic trials and tribulations, I have finally graduated with my bachelor's and master's degrees and gotten a real job! I feel incredibly lucky and excited to have gotten this job, as it fulfills virtually every hope I had had for it. As my graduation from Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading A New Adventure!