Climbing Capitol of China – Yangshuo

Eager to find some place more exciting than Guilin city proper, I took a bus about an hour-and-a-half south on the recommendation from a friend to a town named Yangshuo. Little did I know before getting there that this place is actually a world-renowned rock climbing destination. Upon arrival, it became clear to me as … Continue reading Climbing Capitol of China – Yangshuo


Guilin’s Sun and Moon Pagodas

I'm currently traveling inside of China for a change. Thanks to a Chinese holiday we have a few days off, giving us a long weekend - perfect for a short trip to somewhere! To decide where to go, I basically closed my eyes and put my finger down on a map. The destination - Guilin. … Continue reading Guilin’s Sun and Moon Pagodas

The Road to Rohan

Let me begin by saying that I started with over a hundred photos for this post and managed to narrow them down to a mere 22 that I feel both illustrates the story and adequately shows the beauty of where I went, while helping you all not to sprain your scrolling fingers in the process … Continue reading The Road to Rohan

Coasts and Clouds

This post covers the arrival to and departure from the western coast of New Zealand, and all that lies between. My story begins by waking up at a campsite somewhere on the lakeside road north of a land feature called "the Neck", which is a narrow bit of land separating lakes Hawea and Wanaka. Although … Continue reading Coasts and Clouds

Of wine and wanderers…

If you must leave Queenstown, and you're bound north or east, then you're in luck, for lining the highway for miles in that direction out of town are numerous phenomenal wineries with cellar door tasting rooms! While driving down the road with no intention of stopping, but also with no specific intention of not stopping, … Continue reading Of wine and wanderers…

Queenstown, Lake Alta & Milford Sound

Queenstown is quite the famous New Zealand destination, and for good reason. The town is situated alongside a big, blue-hued lake surrounded by mountains. Imagine an awesome tucked away little Colorado town in the Rockies, but in New Zealand! Just minutes away from an airport, ski resorts, various Lord of the Rings (LOTR) film set … Continue reading Queenstown, Lake Alta & Milford Sound