The Road Goes Ever On and On

I’m finally traveling New Zealand – my dream ever since seeing it featured as the landscape of Middle Earth! The landscape here is so diverse and beautiful that the simple act of driving has become a joy, and the destination is no longer the priority; finding pleasure in stopping at the most scenic spots along the way.

My journey across New Zealand begins on the South Island. Flying into Christchurch with only a vague plan, I rent a car, a tent, sleeping bag and cooler, and drive south.

They say the western coast is the most beautiful, so I suppose starting on the eastern coast is for the best so that I’m not spoiled. Even so, I found it quite lovely. In particular, the drive around the peninsula near Dunedin (Duhn aydin) was amazing.

Continuing down and around, I begin my camping stint in the Catlins near Slope Point, the southernmost point on New Zealand’s South Island, only 4803 km from the South Pole!

There I encounter many other fellow travelers, and I don’t feel lonely at all, despite being a solo traveler. I was able to meet and hang out with a group of German travelers on a working holiday. The evening also happened to have a beautiful sunset, so I tried to take a couple pictures.

Moving up the island along the border of the fjordlands, I decide to camp alongside Upper Lake Mavora, a location that was prominently used in The Fellowship of the Ring film when Frodo and Sam leave the Fellowship near the falls of Rauros. Highlights here include a wonderful view of the night sky and a great lake in which to take a dip. It takes nearly 40 minutes by car from the nearest paved road to get to this campsite, so it is sparsely populated and of course, has no light pollution.

Upon waking, I make my way back along the winding dirt road back to civilization and point my car towards Queenstown, wherein I plan for the next stage of my New Zealand journey.


5 thoughts on “The Road Goes Ever On and On

  1. You are right…its the journey, not the destination that makes almost everything worthwhile. It is wonderful that you have these opportunities…these journeys. Your old Toledo Granddad.


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