A Winter Weekend Getaway to Thailand

Lately, it feels like I’ve been spending more time out of China than in (not complaining). A few weeks ago I left for the States to spend time with my family in Colorado over Thanksgiving. Two weeks after getting back it turned out one of my best friends, who I’ve known since freshman year of college, happened to be in the neighborhood (Asia), so I bought a last-minute ticket to go meet him down in Thailand! Bought the ticket on Wednesday, packed that night and flew out on Thursday. 9 hours later I touched down in Krabi…

I opted to rent a car for the weekend and get to my hotel that way. I had the reservations all made as of the previous night. Lots of great discounts were available because of the last minute nature of it all. Fifty percent off my hotel, $27 dollars per day for the car and pretty reasonable airfare made this trip pretty cost-effective actually, considering it just put me up into the silver medallion status with SkyTeam for next year!

Anyway, back to the car. It was midnight when I got through customs. The car was waiting for me. All I had was a printed map and a name to get me to my hotel. Plus, they drive on the opposite side of the road that I’m used to in Thailand, so simply getting to my hotel was an adventure. I honestly wasn’t sure I’d make it there… Amazingly, I got there only having to stop at three of the six 7/11’s I saw for directions on the way there before I saw the large blue sign in the distance. I felt good either way once I’d gotten into the more populated area of Ao Nang.

It was all smooth sailing from that point forward… that is, until I had to get back to the airport for my red eye home late Sunday night, haha!

Now, here are some pictures from my time there! Enjoy 🙂


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