Back In Beijing: The Red Theater

For my summer holiday, I’ve made plans to visit a few familiar places, as well as some new ones. My first stop on this journey is Beijing! Once again, I’m fortunate enough to have some of my old friends from Japan show me around.

As you’ve seen in my previous post on Beijing, I saw quite a lot of what the city has to offer already. This time, I’m going to go to the Great Wall! My first evening though, I went to see a show at the Red Theater called The Legend of KungFu!

Up next, The Great Wall of China!


10 thoughts on “Back In Beijing: The Red Theater

  1. Bad Ass dudes! Enjoy your travels… while the rest of us statesiders turn green withs envy!
    Great Uncle Mark


  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures & pictures, Dan. We enjoyed them all.

    Keep the reports coming.

    Your grandpa Krausch


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